17.4.2 Nail/Air Gun Safety (Pneumatic Fastening Tools)

Nail guns and air guns are powered by compressed air. The main danger associated with pneumatic fastening tools is injury from one of the tool's attachments or fasteners.

Follow these safety guidelines for working with pneumatic tools:

  1. Ensure that pneumatic tools which shoot nails, rivets, or staples are equipped with a device that keeps fasteners from ejecting unless the muzzle is pressed against a firm surface.
  2. Never point a tool at items you do not want to fasten.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to begin work. Most pneumatic tools have a hair-trigger that requires little pressure to activate the gun.
  4. Treat air hoses with the same care as an electrical cord.
  5. Do not drive fasteners into hard, brittle surfaces or areas where the fastener may pass through the material and protrude on the other side.

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