17.5.2 Cutting Guidelines

Gas welding and cutting equipment is often fueled by oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders. These tanks require special safety precautions to prevent explosions and serious injuries. Follow the safety guidelines below, and refer to the Laboratory Safety chapter in this manual for more information on gas cylinder safety.

  1. Ensure that acetylene/oxygen systems are equipped with flame or flashback arresters.
  2. Store acetylene bottles upright and secured.
  3. Keep cylinder fittings and hoses free from oil and grease.
  4. Replace defective or damaged hoses.
  5. Do not tamper or attempt to repair cylinders, valves, or regulators.
  6. Do not interchange regulators or pressure gauges with other gas cylinders.
  7. Carefully purge hoses and torches before connecting a cylinder.
  8. Set acetylene pressure at or below 15 psig. Always use the minimum acceptable flowrate.
  9. Never use a match to light a torch. Use an approved lighter.

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