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The first priority during any emergency will be to regain control of the situation. However, even before this is accomplished, reporters will be arriving on-site. In dealing with the press, media contacts should remain calm and answer questions honestly, but never say or do anything to admit fault on the behalf of the University.

The person designated to act as the media contact during an emergency should be knowledgeable of the activities at the Agricultural Campus and an effective communicator. The media contact will coordinate any press releases or briefings as well as arranging interview or site visits.

Only these individuals, or their designees, are authorized to speak on behalf of the Agricultural Campus.

Table 10-1
Media Contacts Office Phone Office Address
Dr. Garvin Quinn  (865) 974-7141 104 Morgan Hall
Patricia C. McDaniels (865) 974-7375 104 Morgan Hall
Mike Keel (865) 974-7159 105 Morgan Hall
Dr. Joseph DiPietro (865) 974-7342 101 Morgan Hall

Coordination with the Vice President for Agriculture or the appropriate Institute of Agriculture Dean(s) will be established in the case of serious accidents or major emergencies before press releases will be made.

Members of the press may be restricted from entering the area during an emergency if their presence endangers their safety, the safety of emergency responders, and victims or interferes with efforts to bring the situation under control. The Site Emergency Coordinator or Incident Coordinator will have the authority to restrict any person from entering an area of danger.

Press briefings will be conducted at a location that will be determined and announced at the appropriate time, depending on the nature of the emergency situation.

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